Friday, April 1, 2011

Why did i get married?

Suprise!!!!!!! Not for you but for him, a birthday party that took months for you to plan, all without him having a clue.....YES!!!!! I got him! you think as you watch his bewildered look and all you can do is laugh...... He looks at you,points a finger and mouths "i'll get you for this" as he walks in your direction but instead of giving you a hug like you thought he would, he gets on one knee, brings out a little box out of his pocket and inside is a 1.5 carat diamond ring and asks the question"Will you marry me????. You are in a daze as you wonder how this whole surprise thing was turned around on you, the hunter becomes the haunted. Your mind is in a turmoil, lots and lots of things going through but all you could muster up the strength to say was"OMG,OMG, OMG, YES, YES, YES Baby and with tears streaming down your face you answer softly"Yes Baby i'll marry you"............. Fast Forward 6 years later, you just got done from a long hard 12 hr shift, dealing with a crazy supervisor and even extra crazy clients, got stuck in traffic on the way home, all you could think of on the way home is how you can't wait to kick those shoes off, jump in the shower and hit the sheets for a well deserved sleep.......You get home, the Mr. is chilling on the couch watching a basket ball game, he turns around, looks at you " Hey Baby, glad you are home, i am starving , what's for dinner? At that point, you must really wonder" OMG, why did i get Married????

What would you do at this point? I have been married for a while now and i can tell you at that point, i would nag and remind him that he really didn't love me, even though he just took me on the vacation of my dreams but guess what? i would walk into that kitchen and fix that man something to eat because i promised to take care of him............... :)